Are you intimidated by drawing linework directly in Photoshop?  The stylus is a challenging tool to master, even for pencil & paper veterans.  To simplify the challenge, I've broken the process down into component parts - bundled together in the "Digital Sketching Starter Kit".  Each series focuses on a building block of confident linework, providing drills and exercises for you to practice.  As a final touch, I've included a Portfolio Builder (Weapon Design) for you to practice the new skills on.

All of my favorite drawing courses at college required specific school supplies, so the students used the same pencils and paper as one another.  To create a similar experience, I've included a set of Photoshop custom brushes for you to use along with the videos.  If you're looking for a clear path to better linework, this collection is for you!

Included Premium Series:

Digital Sketching 1: Gesture -- Video Preview

Digital Sketching 2: Refined Lines -- Video Preview

Digital Sketching 3: Simple Shading -- Video Preview

Digital Sketching 4: Technical Drawing -- Video Preview

Digital Sketching 5: Imaginary Subjects -- Video Preview

Weapon Design (Portfolio Builder) -- Video Preview