Digital Painting, Simplified.

This is a collection of short, free, videos on the basics of digital painting.  Hundreds of them.  Did you learn something? Tell a friend about the site. Want to learn more?  Check out the store.

Have fun painting!


First Steps:

  1. 1. Digital Painting 101
  2. 2. Free Custom Brushes
  3. 3. Workflow overview demos

The Store

For those that want to learn in-depth, the Ctrl+Paint store offers $10 videos. These video collections cover crucial topics, ranging from beginner to intermediate difficulty.

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Featured Series


Once you've gotten comfortable with the basic of black and white painting, it's time to add color.  This collection starts at the beginning!

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Newest free video

Every Thursday I release a new free video.  They're not immediately added to the ordered list, but you can see the recent releases here:

Recent Videos


1)  Digital Painting 101

First, let's start off with an overview of the whole digital painting process these introductory videos.

Now that you've seen the overview, where should you start?  

Before you can paint, you need to know how to draw.   At art school they call this "foundation studies", and all students must take these basic subjects before proceeding into their concentration.

2)  Traditional Drawing