A Digital Painting Resource for your Art Students

Ctrl+Paint is a free collection of video lessons that teach digital painting starting with the absolute basics.   



Lesson Format

These free lessons are designed for self-directed learning, and can be easily integrated into your existing curriculum. Each video is roughly 5 minutes long, and many include homework assignments to practice.


These lessons focus on digital painting tools, and build on the student’s existing drawing skills.  For those without basic drawing experience, Ctrl+Paint offers a brief primer on traditional drawing (Free library, Section 2)

Recommended Hardware

Digital painting requires a USB digital stylus and a desktop/laptop computer. There’s no difference between Mac & PC for digital painting, but please avoid iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.  The Wacom Intuos  is a great beginner stylus.  

Recommended Software

Adobe Photoshop CC is used in the lessons, though Krita and Gimp are free alternatives that offer roughly equivalent features.

How is Ctrl+Paint free?

The free videos are the focus of the site, but they're made possible through the sale of $10 lessons in the online store.  (Bulk pricing available for educators upon request).

More questions?

Ctrl+Paint is created by Matt Kohr, a concept artist in the game industry.  He's happy to answer any questions you might have, and always looks forward to chatting with other teachers.  Feel free to reach him at CtrlPaint (at) gmail (dot) com.