Concept Co-Op (Beta Group)

It's a concept art experiment, and you're invited.

What we need:

A single drawing / painting / design which fits in the world of the prompt.  Feel free to imagine any object or creature that might exist in this world. Your artwork will serve as inspiration for future uploads (as explained in the video), though there's no specific requirements on format.  After all, for concept art, sketches are just as important as final paintings. 


How to upload your art:  

On Wed. June 4th, upload your artwork to your tumblr blog.  Make sure to tag it with #ConceptCoop and #PromptName (I'll name it this week).  Once images are tagged correctly, they will automatically populate a "gallery" view able from the project's homepage (which is really just search results... see kitten example).

Please don't share this page, and make sure to email me with any specific questions.  Have fun painting!

The Prompt

You’ve just come ashore on a forgotten beach.  Tall spires of rock jut roughly from the deep, circled slowly by colonies of exotic birds.  Gleaming white sand is broken by patches of ancient stone; tidal pools brim with spiny sea life.  The distant horizon is disrupted by a small village, marking the entrance to a protected cove.