Learning art can seem like a bottomless pit of information. To keep things simple, it's important to start your drawing and painting education in grayscale - and reserve color for later. Though it's tempting to move straight into color, this video provides an argument for working slowly and methodically. After all, it's how they do it in art school.

If this is a topic that you really believe in, and want to know more, make sure to check out the Basic Photoshop Rendering series in the store! When I created this series, it was my intent to capture my experience in Drawing 1 and apply it to digital painting.

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Painting realistic texture can be a challenge. It's especially challenging when you're drawing objects or characters from your imagination. This exercise is designed to help you strengthen your mental texture library. The most important part of this exercise is the mental extrapolation. Often times painting from reference materials is a 1:1 copy, which doesn't force you to fully examine your subject. This exercise requires you to do more than copy, and strengthens your mental texture library in the process.