New Structure

Each revision of Ctrl+Paint has been a bit different, but I'm extremely excited about the simplicity of the Video Library.  Many of you asked for a list, and you were right: it's a great way to see the big picture!

New Schedule

From this point forward, the new schedule is 1 written post every Thursday.  Tuesday and Thursday took on special meaning for me these last two years, so it's going to be a bit strange switching to a single Thursday weekly post.  That said, you can look forward to much more activity on Facebook and Twitter - so get connected!

Same Goal

I want to teach you to digital paint, plain and simple.   The page is still totally ad-free, and my focus is on teaching the material as clearly as possible.  I thought it would only take six months to get to this point, but it ended up taking two years - now I'm excited for the next two years!

AuthorMatt Kohr