Today I'll paint a spatula.  Exciting, right? It is because of the free series that it kicks off: the "let's paint" demonstrations.  Each of these demonstrations shows me painting a single object from start to finish.  As I work, I'll be mentioning the specific techniques I'm using  - and each of these techniques is explained in videos linked at the bottom of the post.  

Why is this exciting?

Because there are hundreds of free videos in the Ctrl+Paint library at this point, and it can seem overwhelming deciding which to watch next.  It's not always obvious which techniques fit together and in what ways.  The 'Let's Paint' videos give me an opportunity to show the techniques working together, and creating images start to finish.  So in a sense, these videos work like a table of contents -- but visual.  

To see more, visit the Let's Paint page here.  

AuthorMatt Kohr