Sketching in Photoshop is tough.  We're using a stylus instead of a pencil.  Moreover, it's likely that your hand is in a different place than your monitor - making hand-eye coordination even harder.  But it's worth the challenge.  So let's practice!

In this video I demonstrate a great, basic, exercise.  Whether you use it as a warm-up before painting, or simply to improve your technique - it's an essential practice. Though you can use any brushes you like, I'm a big fan of 'tool presets'.  Having these presets ready ahead of your painting allows you to focus on the creative part, not the technical part.  

If you'd like to know more about the brushes I'm using here, or want more in-depth instruction on digital line art - check out the new bundle:  Digital Sketching Starter Kit!

AuthorMatt Kohr