Having trouble building your portfolio? 
The Concept Art Starter Kit gives you a path to follow.

The Bundle Includes

Design Basics 1 & 2

4 Portfolio Builders

Portfolio Builders - When it comes to concept art, planning and brainstorming are just as important as drawing and painting.  Instead of focusing on painting technique, these series ask the question "Where do ideas come from?"  

Each poses a design challenge for you (and me) to follow.  The videos document my progress, and show painting demos.  But the focus is you. What will you draw?  How might you approach the challenge differently than me?  

I might not be able to personally mentor you, but these series are the next best thing. 

Design Basics 1 & 2 - The bundle opens with two series dedicated to Design.  The first, Design Basics, explores the hidden language of images.  Color, material, shape, and proportion are tools to tell your story.  Are you using them to the fullest?  To cover the most ground possible, Design Basics is mostly lecture and doesn't highlight Photoshop demonstrations.

Design Basics 2 continues this exploration of shape language, but takes a more hands-on approach.  Here, shape is broken down into 7 principles - which we practice with drills and exercises.   

AuthorMatt Kohr