As we continue to explore the lasso tool's power for digital painting, this video focuses on keyboard shortcuts.  If you've been following Ctrl+Paint for long, you know that I'm a huge keyboard shortcut fan - and the lasso tool is no exception.  To help you remember the important key bindings, make sure to check out my cheat sheet to the right.

Keyboard shortcuts matter.  They really do.  In my opinion they're one of the biggest factors that separates beginners from seasoned digital painters.  If you're not using keyboard shortcuts, the tools stop being loose and creative.  Instead, half of your time is spent hunting through menus instead of just ... painting.  So if you want to paint, part of the learning process involves memorizing keyboard shortcuts.

Selection Keyboard Shortcuts

Transform Selection:   Ctrl+Shift+T

Add to Selection: Shift + * Tool

Subtract from Selection: Alt + * Tool

Invert Selection: Ctrl+Shift+i

Deselect: Ctrl+D

Hide Marching Ants: Ctrl+H

This works for any selection tool: Lasso, Marquee, Magic Wand, etc.

AuthorMatt Kohr