The next tools in your introduction to digital painting are the Brush and Eraser.  If you come from a traditional art background, it’s not obvious that the Photoshop ‘brush’ represents everything from pens & pencils to bristle brushes and paint rollers.  Over time your collection of ‘brushes’ will grow, but I think learning Photoshop is easier if you start with a very small set.  The .tpl file below is a small set of brush and eraser presets that’ll give you a great starting point.

Follow along with the free TOOL PRESET .TPL file.

Tools in This Video

Brush tool:  B

Eraser tool: E

Drawing Line Segments: Click, Shift+Click

Drawing Horizontal and Vertical Lines: Hold Shift while using Brush tool

Brush Diameter Slider:  Alt+Right Click (option+Right Click on mac)

AuthorMatt Kohr