Now that you’ve seen the very basics, let’s check out the Layer Palette.  Layers are one of the major difference between digital painting and traditional painting.  In my opinion, mastering layer keyboard shortcuts is a fast way to build your digital painting confidence.  I know these basic shapes don’t look like painting, but the layer skills are exactly the same.  

Follow along with the LAYER WORKSHEET PSD

If you want to learn more about layer shortcuts, I encourage you to check out this video.



Tools from this video:

Move tool - V

Auto-select Layer on Canvas - Ctrl+Click  (cmd+Click on mac)
Note: To achieve this, make sure your move tool settings at the top of the panel are “Auto-Select” (unchecked),  : “Layer” on the dropdown menu.

Name your Layer - Double click on layer name

Duplicate Layer - Alt+Drag with Move tool active (option+drag on a mac)

AuthorMatt Kohr