Learn 3D software from an Illustrator's perspective.

Adding 3d software into your process offers huge potential, but comes with a steep learning curve.  My goal with this collection is to show what's possible with 3d, and how to get there.  It doesn't go into exhaustive detail on individual topics, focusing instead on essential principles.  The collection starts with very basic possibilities, and slowly increases the complexity.  Regardless of your current experience, you'll leave with a solid foundation of 3d essentials.  I demonstrate a variety of 3d software, but all of the concepts are possible in with the free Blender 3d and Sketchup Make.  

Total Runtime:  374 Minutes

Filesize: a combined ~3GB (6 .zip files)  

  • 3D For Illustrators 01: First Steps (Video Series)
  • 3D For Illustrators 02: What's Possible (Video Series)
  • 3D For Illustrators 03: Modeling Basics (Video Series)
  • 3D For Illustrators 04: Texturing (Video Series)
  • 3D For Illustrators 05: Modular Design (Video Series)
  • 3D For Illustrators 06 *: Paintover Demo (Video Series)  
  • *Exclusive to this bundle
AuthorMatt Kohr