Give your environment skills a competitive edge.

Runtime: 65 Minutes   (685 MB .zip Digital Download)

Portfolio builders are a great way to apply your new skills.  You're given a homework prompt, a timeline, and guidance to complete your own take on the assignment.  In Arena Design you'll make a portfolio piece that not only looks cool, but that meets the challenges of competitive online games.  The videos explore both theory and technique, focusing on the thought process that goes into developing a game level.  

Unlike previous portfolio builders, Arena Design makes extensive use of 3D software.  Free options such as Sketchup or Blender are great options!  If you're not comfortable with 3D software, I encourage you to check out the 3D Paintover Starter Kit.

Note: These assignments are for personal development only. I don't assign grades, give credit, or offer feedback.  And even though I'd love to, portfolio reviews are impossible for such a large audience.

AuthorMatt Kohr