Do you ever feel like you're treading water? You're stgnating, while the rest of the art community is progressing at lightning speed? You're not alone.This video is a little detour from the standard ctrl+paint technique videos to talk about inspiration, mindset, and 'getting better'. Ultimately, we're all experiencing this in one form or another, so it's worth talking about. Remember: even professionals feel sub-par a fair amount of the time. Art is mind game. UPDATE:  It's been really, really great hearing these responses.  Art is one of those challenges that we all take on personally - and can feel isolated by the effort.  Knowing that everyone else is wrestling with similar issues can be a big help.

So keep the conversation going -- It's an important one to be a part of.  Additionally, reader "Jonathan" reminded me of a fantastic series of videos by the radio host Ira Glass on storytelling and inspiration.  He's the host of This American Life, and has a lot of experience fighting through the self doubt and frustration involved in creative work.  It's definitely worth watching.